Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition Interlock Device

A Possibility After a DUI Is An Ignition Interlock DevicePolice Officer Car

Driving related crimes can take quite a toll on an individual. The possibility of losing your driver’s license is nerve-wracking, as it can have an incredibly negative impact on your lifestyle. A DUI can lead to serious consequences in the workplace and in your personal life. A skilled attorney can help you understand the possible outcomes of your DUI and help you retain your driving privileges. It is important to understand that different sentences are imposed upon the offender depending on the severity of the situation and the number of prior DUIs. Courts often impose the installation of an ignition interlock device after a DUI.

An ignition interlock device may be imposed as an alternative to a suspended license, as a way to lessen the length of the suspension, or as a condition of probation. In the state of California, courts are more likely to require first-time offenders to use an ignition interlock device if their blood alcohol level was above .15, if they have two or more moving traffic violations, or if they refused testing when arrested.

An ignition interlock device requires the operator of a vehicle to measure the alcohol in their system before starting the car. It functions similarly to a breathalyzer–the driver must blow into the device before the vehicle will start. If alcohol is detected, the ignition will lock and the driver must try again a few minutes later. Each time the driver re-tests and fails, the ignition is locked for a longer period of time. To ensure that a driver does not begin drinking after successfully starting the vehicle, random tests are required while the vehicle is in motion. The driver will have to test their breath while driving, and if alcohol is detected, the vehicle will signal (with a blaring horn or flashing lights) that the driver must pull over and stop the car, resulting in a locked ignition.

Breath samples are reported to all parties requiring the device to be installed (court, DMV, or probation office). Depending on the state, samples are sent immediately or on a scheduled basis. These devices provide those with a DUI the chance to resume their responsibilities (such as work) while also protecting the public. Please feel free to contact us for professional consultation regarding driving related crimes.



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