What Suspects Should Know About Murder Charges

What Suspects Should Know About Murder Charges

Being charged with murder is one of the most serious criminal charges you can face. From the moment you are arrested to the last day in court, you will be scrutinized by every single person you meet. This means that when it comes to murder charges, not only will you want a skilled defense attorney to represent you, but you should be fully knowledgeable of the fact that your behavior can sometimes make or break a case as well. When facing serious charges like murder, you should consider the following:

  • Invoke Your Fifth Amendment Rights – There are some out there that state that invoking the Fifth Amendment makes you look guilty. While that heavily depends on the perception of those involved, you would be staggered at the amount of innocent people who dug themselves into a deeper hole by not using their fifth amendment right and desperately trying to defend themselves to people like the arresting officers. After the arrest, what you say in person or over electronic mediums can have an effect. The best thing you can do is to stay silent since anything you say can easily be misconstrued.
  • Comply – It helps no one when you resist officers or are needlessly defiant with investigators. Regardless of how you feel about police or lawyers, resisting the process is never helpful. In fact, it will only make them treat you worse. The only thing worse than an investigator is an irritated one. Remain polite and compliant, and you will find you get better treatment.
  • Lawyer Up – Even if you are innocent, never waive your right to an attorney. A defense attorney is your most powerful ally, and you always want them by your side after an arrest. The best attorneys will calm you down and help you feel optimistic about your case, and when you are sitting in an interrogation room, that is something you need.

If you are being charged with murder, things must seem very serious indeed. This is why you need a skilled defense lawyer that is on your side. If you have been arrested and need someone to represent you, contact us today.



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