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Criminal Defense FAQs

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At Robert L. Hammonds Jr. Attorney at Law, we realize that you or your loved one may have several questions regarding the criminal charges you are facing. Fortunately, our criminal defense lawyer has defended countless clients in Redding, Shasta, Tehama, Trinity, and Siskiyou. With more than 15 years of legal experience, you can trust our competent legal team to provide you with the representation and assistance needed to help you fight for a more favorable outcome for your case. Below, you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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  • Can I refuse to take a breathalyzer test?

    Unfortunately, when you applied for your California driver’s license, you consented to be tested. Refusing to take a breathalyzer test can increase your license suspension and can even affect your chances of obtaining a restricted work license. You have the right to refuse a pre-arrest breathalyzer test and opt for a post-arrest test or blood test. Refusing all three options can result in more severe penalties. Your refusal can also be used in trial.

  • I was given an Order of Suspension and temporary license. What should I do?

    If your driver’s license was not already expired or suspended, this document gives you the ability to drive for 30 days from the issue date. If you request a DMV hearing, you will be given 10 days to stop the automatic suspension of your driving privileges. Rob Hammonds and our legal team can request this hearing for you and zealously help you prevent your license from being suspended.

  • What happens if I get a DUI and am under 21 years old?

    A minor can be charged with a DUI for having a blood alcohol concentration of .01 or more. Depending on the circumstances of your case, possible penalties include license suspension, drug and alcohol education, probation, fines, jail time, and a conviction on your record.

  • Should I accept a plea bargain?

    Accepting a plea bargain from the district attorney may be your best option, though it depends on the nature of the charge as well as the evidence against you. District attorneys often offer reduced penalties and a lesser charge in return for your guilty plea. However, many situations exist where going to trial is more advantageous. This is especially true if the prosecution’s case has any weaknesses or evidence in your favor. Risks are still involved whether you choose to accept a plea bargain or not, and the consequences of making the wrong choice can be costly. That is why we recommend seeking experienced legal guidance from our trusted Redding criminal defense attorney.

  • Why do I need an attorney if I am going to accept a plea bargain?

    The prosecutor’s goal is to achieve guilty pleas or convictions. You may be offered reduced penalties and a lesser charge as an incentive to plead guilty. Our trusted criminal defense attorney will tell you if your rights were violated, the evidence against you is weak, or if there are other vital flaws in the prosecution’s case. It is critical to have experienced legal counsel that can thoroughly evaluate your situation and provide you with sound advice.

  • Do I need a lawyer if I was charged with a misdemeanor?

    While misdemeanor charges are typically not as serious as felony charges, they can still result in probation, fines, and jail time. Rather than be vulnerable to aggressive prosecutors and put yourself at risk for these harsh penalties, we advise you to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer who can help you achieve a more favorable outcome, such as a reduced charge, dismissed charge, or a sentence alternative.

  • Can I avoid going to jail if I have been charged with a felony?

    An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help a client avoid jail time in favor of probation and counseling programs. Rob Hammonds recognizes the approach prosecutors take during the sentencing process, and can offer you a unique negotiating position to increase your chances of avoiding incarceration.

  • What is the California “three strikes” law?

    This law refers to specific serious felonies that are considered strikes on your criminal record. If you have two strikes, any subsequent felony conviction will result in a mandatory prison sentence of 25 years to life. The first and second strikes are more relevant to defendants and also carry serious penalties. Our experienced Redding criminal defense attorney and legal team can help you mitigate the impact on your criminal record by working to reduce your strike charge to a non-strike offense.


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